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If you’re visiting our site, you no doubt love your pets like family, just as we do. We wanted to provide a place for all pet lovers to share their stories, photos and tips with one another, which is why we’ve created an online social network just for you!

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Discover New Friends will take zip code and breed information you enter about your pet, then suggest matches of similar pets in your region. We are building social tools to guide you to the best parks, pet food, veterinarians, and more! You can carry on real-time chat with other pet owners or post to specific social pages to share your experiences and ask for suggestions.

Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and even reptiles are welcome.

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Even Fluffy Needs a Social Life

As a pet owner, you know that socialization is key to a happy, healthy and manageable animal. Set up play dates for your four-legged kids through with one or more pet owners. Use to learn about the best dog parks available, or those little-known gems of places that are great to take your dog to. Find out which vets are best equipped to deal with your exotic pet, or those vets which provide the best services for the most reasonable cost. And for you cat lovers, wouldn’t it be great to connect with another cat mom or dad who can provide you with tips on how to get your cat child to stop using the wooden legs on your couch as scratching posts? Have fun connecting with people of similar interests and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve our site. Our goal is to provide you with the best online experience possible for pet owners!

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