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Earn Badges for Using

Just like many pet shows, we are in search of Grand Champions for, except everyone can be a Grand Champion

All you have to do is use and interact with other users to move up each level to become Grand Champion.

Participant Badge
Level 1 - Participant
from 0 - 49 points, is the newbie of the MyPaws community.
Best of Class Badge
Level 2 - Best of Class
from 50 - 124 points. You are starting to get the hang of the site and gaining some new friends along the way.
Best of Breed Badge
Level 3 - Best of Breed
from 125 - 274 points. You are gaining popularity! On your way to becoming the top pet in the community.
Winner Badge
Level 4 - Winner
from 275 - 674 points. The class of MyPaws! You are quickly becoming a leading pet of the community.
Best of Winner Badge
Level 5 - Best of Winner
from 675 - 1274 points. You are it and everyone knows it! Other pets want to be your friend and can't wait for your next video or photo to be posted.
Champion Badge
Level 6 - Champion
from 1275 - 2499 points. There are now few better than you! You have separated yourself from the pack and now your creating your own path!
Grand Champion Badge
Level 7 - Grand Champion
2500 point and above. You are the pedigree of the community. You are very active with other members on the site and people are loving what you are sharing.