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Southern California Bulldog Rescue

English Bulldog Rescue & Rehoming in Southern California
1602 N. Grand Ave Santa Ana, Ca 92701
(714) 612-0265

About Southern California Bulldog Rescue

Mission The mission of So Cal Bulldog Rescue is to bring about a time when there will be no more homeless bulldogs and every bulldog born can be guaranteed a good life. So Cal Bulldog Rescue provides the care and time that an otherwise unwanted bulldog needs in order to be placement in better homes. We find homes for the English Bulldogs that need them. Goals To accept Bulldogs whose owners can no longer keep them. To retrieve Bulldogs from shelters or any other source so they may live to see another day. To find responsible, stable, loving new homes for all rescued Bulldogs. To only place Bulldogs that have been 100% neutered or spayed, to help reduce the population of unwanted pets, by having the necessary surgical procedures performed before placement. To rehabilitate Bulldogs before placement by providing necessary medical treatment and training to increase the chances of successful placement. To place Bulldogs in suitable homes as soon as reasonably possible, so they can start their "new lives" quickly. To thoroughly screen applicants before making placement decisions. To inform prospective adopters about the rescue program and the requirements for taking care of Bulldogs